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  • Anniversary Sparks a New Season

    anniversaryIt is hard to believe that we are coming up on our First Year Anniversary.  Our anniversary day is April 1, 2015. It has been both fast and furious year and awesomely challenging. The last 12 months have certainly verified our need in the city and community.

    Our staff and volunteers have done an incredible job over the last 12 months. We are so blessed to have a volunteer team that has soared to serve this community with passion and commitment.

    The rewards of starting the Dream Center have been priceless.  We have had the privilege of assisting so many in our community and making a huge impact in hunger relief. We are currently providing hunger relief and hope to over 375 families every month.  We are also becoming friends with so many of them.  This is priceless!

    Another great reward are the relationships we have built in our first year. We have worked with and received donations from East Texas Food Bank, Red Cross of Longview, Habitat for Humanity, The City of Longview, Walmart, Sams, Sherwin Williams, Grace Creek Church, LifeBridge Christian Center, Lowes, Panel Truss of Henderson, McCoy’s Lumber, Bobby Atkinson Foundation, Austin Bank, and a host of individuals and other corporations.

    Expanding Hunger Relief

    We were just awarded a new program that will qualify us to provide fresh food to our clients.  The East Texas Food Bank is providing fresh produce to us on the weekends of our LifeSource Program. This gives us an opportunity to provide food with greater nourishment and quality.  This means a lot to US!

    We have also made huge strides in working with a variety of organizations and bringing awareness to community needs. Our plans include enlarging our hunger relief programs and adding several practical ways to serve and support individuals of our city.

    We also want to give a shout out to Cameron and Shana Strange. They have become the sole sponsor of our Pallet Program.  These wonderful people purchase 10 pallets of food every other month for the Dream Center.  This purchase adds so much value and variety to our food box and puts a smile on the face of so many.  Thanks Cameron and Shana!

    Next Focus

    IMG_3173Our immediate focus is launching our new computer classroom and starting our Life Skills training. We are uniting our efforts with Max Clement.  Max is the owner of Competitive Point Solutions and is donating his time, some equipment, and doing the installation complimentary.

    Now and Coming Soon

    We recently added a monthly newsletter. In March we mailed out our first one and would love to add you to the mailing list.  This gives you an update to what’s happening and enables you to become a consistent donor to the Dream Center.  Just call Shonna at 903.653.1740 to be added.

    We have a desire to add a bus token program to provide transportation to those who need the support.  We will be working with the newly elected Mayor to make this a reality.

    We have plenty of work to do to continue to add value to the facility and our programs. We are striving to evolve monthly into a quality organization that serves our city. We have many ideas to inculcate and many relationships to cultivate in the next 12 months and beyond.

    We are seeking a 5 Star Partner to sponsor our Computer Classroom at the Dream Center.  This partnership includes making a donation of 5,000.00 dollars. This partnership also includes naming our computer classroom after you and hanging a beautiful large banner with your name or company name in our facility.  Please contact Shonna Barlow at 903.653.1740 for information.

    If you would like to serve at the Dream Center just click here.

    If you would like to make a donation to any of our projects or programs simply click on this then click on the Paypal link.paypal

    We would love to have you attend an upcoming event as a guest or as a volunteer.

    You can also visit our website and check out additional opportunities!

    We would love to hear from you.

  • Straight Ahead

    The Acts Project is in full swing.  The Acts Project is a new program that we began in November 2014.  The results have been astonishing and very rewarding.







    Paul Maxie and our volunteer teams have built 4 ramps for the handicapped since November. Paul has been an incredible volunteer for the Dream Center.  He gives most of his time during the week as a servant to facilitate the needs and desires of the Dream Center.

    Paul has never been paid for any work he has done.  Paul recently took the huge project of painting all our shelves in the Thrift Store.  This was a vast project with over 100 hours of labor and hard work.  Paul and many others like him are what makes the Dream Center what it is today.

    We also want to thank James Hall, Mauricio Saenz, Luke Etheridge and all the volunteers who have participated in The Acts Projects.

    The momentum of this team has been incredible.  They are sensing such a reward to help others in this capacity that they want to do it every weekend.


    We are considering expanding the team to 2 weekends a month over the summer. We are also seeking skilled carpenters to serve as volunteers.  With 1 skilled worker on each team we can certainly expand our efforts.

    Donny Powers at Panel Truss in Henderson,Texas has provided most of our wood materials for these projects. The additional supplies are purchased from our donors. We want to thank Donny for the generous support.

    New Classrooms


    We are currently building new classrooms for Life-Skill classes.

    This is very exciting. The classrooms were only a dream a year ago and today they are quickly becoming a reality. One of our sincere desires is to see empower people into a life-change that results into improved prosperity that is permanent.

    Our new computer classroom is almost complete and registrations have started for our first classes in April.


    If you would like to serve at the Dream Center just click here.

    If you would like to make a donation to one of our projects or programs simply click on this then click on the Paypal link.paypal

    We would love to have you become a volunteer with US!

    You can also visit our website and check out additional opportunities!

    We would love to hear from you or tell us how the Dream Center has a source of hope to your life!

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