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  • Exponential Happenings

    clothes_nWe have so much happening that we cannot keep up.  Our programs are running at the highest volumes ever.  Living Free set a record for attendance last week.  Our food assistance program also set a new record for the most families ever served in a single day.

    Mothers on Missions is also distributing a large volume of free clothes. We are so excited about what’s happening on a daily basis.

    We have joined arms with Feeding Locals, Mothers on Missions, House of Disciples, and Tim Wiseman Ministries. Together we are serving our community in a variety of ways and making a difference in hunger relief and crisis care.  We are also serving the Red Cross and other community organizations.  We are also sharing our food and other items with House of Hope and Highway 80 Rescue Mission.

    Our volunteers have reached a record high this week with over 40 different volunteers serving in several different areas. This is truly amazing and all this is happening after only being open about 80 days.

    IMG_0857We also have welcomed the founder of Feeding Locals as the first manager of the Family Thrift Store.  Jason brings 13 years of retail experience to the Dream Center and has  hundreds of great ideas to improve our store which ultimately improves our programs.  Jason and Jessica have also taken our store to the internet through Ebay and Craig’s List.

    Jason is also developing a consignment business for the Dream Center and has stocked the store with lots of items that will increase our daily sales.

    We have also added another awesome volunteer.  Her name is Shonna Barlow. Shonna has been volunteering a record number of hours each week for nearly 6 weeks.  She is currently stepping into administration and bookkeeping. She brings years of experience to the table in these areas.  She will also be assimilating our volunteers and contacting possible Vision Partners.

    IMG_0712Cameron Strange is concentrating on operations.  He is the Executive Director and does lots of hands-on work that saves the store thousands of dollars each month.  Cameron is currently building the shelves for the store and doing several construction projects within the facility.

    I cannot fail to mention Ms. Chele Bass, Dallas Tanton, Everett Rutherford, Maurico Saenz, Brian McDaniels and several others have served us consistently and sacrificially.

    Mothers on Missions has also had some wonderful people serve in the clothing program.

    Our next steps include installing new signs and continue to improve the store and advance the programs.

    adoptWe are so excited about beginning Adopt the Block this month.  We are searching for a Team Captain a team of volunteers. Adopt a Block is a great way to serve our city and impact our citizens.

    If you would like to serve at the Dream Center just click here.

    If you would like to make a donation simply click on this then click on the Paypal link.

    We would love to have you join us for an upcoming event.

    Visit the website and check out all the great opportunities!

    Please leave a comment. We would love to hear from you.





  • Volunteers in Action

    A few weeks ago the youth from a local church brought their youth to the Dream Center. As you know when young people are involved it is clear we are going to have some excitement.  This evening was no exception.

    pizzaOf course we added pizza to our experience.  Youth and pizza just go together and young people actually get energized with food on the scene. The food arrived and the scarfing began.  I am amazed at how much food young people can eat.  I should not be very surprised after raising 3 very athletic boys with appetites that were endless.  I am still shocked I was able to foot the bill.

    Well the kids ate and the work began. We were so thankful for these kids and their desire to help others.  They mainly focused on serving in the clothes ministry.  They were passionate, caring, and focused on doing as much as possible.

    One positive shift in this new generation is that they care for the less fortunate, and they are willing to serve. These particular young people prepared over 1,000 pieces of clothes for distribution at the Dream Center.   It was truly impressive to see their resolve and work effort.

    It is truly amazing what can happen when we choose to volunteer and serve others.

    These are just a few things that happen when we serve others: unity

    1. We develop a huge sense of contribution

    2. We experience a sense of purpose

    3.  We realize we are called to make a difference

    4.  We realize life is more than about my little world

    5. We see first hand the result of what a team can do together

    We would love to have your church, organization or family volunteer at the Dream Center.  We have a variety of opportunities and places you can serve.  Check it out here.

    You can also contact us by phone or email and arrange a time to serve.

    Please leave your comments below.  We would love to hear from you.

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